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Awesome Player Conversions

A selection of top brands in lucrative markets.

Leading Commission Structure

Lifetime commission on all players you bring to the brands.

Fairness & Integrity

No negative carryover or hidden costs at the end of the month. What you see is what you get.

Effective Promotional Tools

Exclusive assets and offers tailored to your needs to help promote our brands on your channels.

Extended Player Life

Industry leading retention strategies means longer player lifetimes translating to more revenue for you.

Timely Payouts

We pay well and we pay fast!

A fast track to casino commission









Our commission formula:

Net Revenue(NR) = Gross Gaming Revenue (GR) – Bonuses × (given to players upon release) – Chargebacks – Administration

Unlike most operators who charge bonus costs as soon as a bonus is given irrespective of whether wagering requirements are met and incurred as a cost, at Max Affiliates we only charge you bonus costs when these bonuses are released and become an actual cost for us!

Check out our Terms.


Top Converting Brands

Got a question?

What’s your program about?

At Max Affiliates we understand that respect, trust and confidence are essential to a great partnership. You want a partner who values your traffic and reciprocates by extracting maximum value from it and then pays you your share on time and completely hassle-free, with no need to chase your commissions. Ultimately, you want an honest, high quality program you can feel confident in recommending to your players. That’s why Max Affiliates leads the pack with:

  • Highly competitive commission structure
  • On-time and accurate payments
  • No negative carryover
  • No hidden surprises

How do I sign up to the program?

Its as easy as one, two three!

  1. Hit JOIN NOW and fill in the details.
  2. Click the link we will email you. Check your spam box if you don’t receive it.
  3. Once confirmed, you’ll be able to access your account and start earning money immediately.

What is an online casino affiliate program?

A casino affiliate program gives website owners the opportunity to earn money by promoting and driving traffic to a casino by advertising it on their website. The program is usually commission based, with the affiliate receiving an agreed percentage of any revenue generated by the players they have successfully referred (i.e. those who sign up, deposit and play) to the casino.

So, how do I earn money?

Earning money with Max Affiliates couldn’t be easier!

  1. Sign up to the Max Affiliates Program.
  2. Log into your account to access the marketing material you need.
  3. Promote one(or all!) of our brands on your website(s).
  4. Earn commission on any depositing players you send our way.
  5. At the end of each month, we’ll tally up the net revenue your players have generated during that month and you’ll receive your share.

Can I get on a Cost Per Acquisition(CPA) plan?

Sure, we also offer tailored plans based on your individual circumstances. If you want to learn more about a tailored offer, you can contact us through our website or have a chat with one of our affiliate managers.

For how long will I earn commission on my players?

Simply put, for life! And unlike some of our competitors, we really do mean that. As an affiliate, you’ll earn commission on all your players for the entirety of their time with us. It doesn’t matter if your players stick around for a week or a century – if they’re actively depositing and playing, you’ll continue to receive your commission, guaranteed.

What will my revenue share be?

To kickstart your revenue, we’ll hit you up with an incredible 50% commission rate for the first three months! No seriously! We’ll give you half the net gaming revenue your players generate during your first three months with us. After that, you’ll hop onto one of our standard competitive affiliate commission rates, which are based on your revenue generated and the number of new players you bring in each month.

What happens if the players I bring win a lot of money at the casino?

Don’t sweat it! Unlike many of our competitors, we won’t burden you with a negative carryover. This means that if you end up with a negative balance at the end of one month, we’ll reset it to zero so you don’t need to fork out anything from your pocket.

Which payment methods are available?

To receive payments from us, all you need to do is select one of the three popular payment options below:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Neteller
  • Skrill (Moneybookers)

When will I receive my payments?

Payments for the previous month’s commission will be transferred between 5 to working 10 days after the closure of the month in which the commission was earned.

What is the minimum amount needed to request a payment?

We know how important it is to get paid on time, no matter the amount of commission earned. For this reason, we’ve made sure to keep our minimum payment threshold as low as possible, which is €100. If you have not generated €100 in commissions, your balance will be carried into the next month until the minimum is reached.

How are my players tracked?

We implement Dynamic Media Services and tracking for all customer lifecycle activity. This means that whenever someone clicks on a link or a banner which has your tracking code embedded in it, our system will tag the user to your account when they interact with our brands. This means that from the point of sign up, any commissions generated will be added to your account.

How often is my account data updated?

Up-to-date information on your commission is a few clicks away. All the important stats you need, such as generated commissions, sign ups, depositing players, views and clicks are update daily and can be found by simply logging in to your account.

What if I have multiple websites?

The more sites, the better! You can log into your affiliate account and add them yourself by doing the following:

  • Expand the ‘My Account’ menu
  • Click ‘Marketing sources’
  • Click the 'Add' button
  • Fill out the form for each site
  • Get a tracking code for each site
  • Post up links and ads

You’ll then start earning money from the added website! By creating multiple marketing sources for each website, you’ll even be able to track the performance of each of your websites by checking its own unique tracking code. The same can be done for different sub-pages on each website too.

What marketing material will be available to me?

When you log in you will find a selection of marketing assets ready to be used, such as static banners, thumbnails and Flash/Gif banners. There’s also text links, including deep-links to popular sections. Don’t forget! If you embed an advert or an outgoing link, always use your tracking code to make sure we can tag all leads generated to your account.

Can you help me with specific tailored material?

Not a problem! Get in contact with the affiliate team and we’ll do everything possible to help.

I’ve got a great collaboration idea to promote your brands - Interested?

We are always interested in promoting our brands in interesting and innovative ways, so if you’d like to pitch something, let us know. We promise to hear you out.

Still Not Convinced? Read our real user opinions:

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"Bringit! affiliates has been a pleasure to work with so far, I have only been working with them for a short while, but they are positive & easy to talk to and if something is needed they get it for you straight away. It is an easy process to promote their brands and looking forward to working with them more in the future."


"We have been working with Bring It Affiliates since day one and everything has been really good, right from the start. We've got only great things to say about our partnership, the deal, and their platform. We highly recommend working with the team behind Bring It!"